The Swell is a service designed to engage high school aged youth in the worship of God and is open to people of all ages. The aim is to create a comfortable space for United Church youth to worship and is open to people from any/all denominations. The service uses elements from contemporary culture—including popular music and videos—as a springboard into the exploration of the scriptures and our rich United Church theology.

The music is led by a contemporary rock band (and is usually loud), and employs a bit of Rap, Hip-Hop and Punk. Video clips, pictures, flashing lights and song lyrics projected on two 9×12 foot video screen provide a backdrop for multi-sensory prayers, the exploration of scripture, and a highly visual and participatory Communion liturgy. A drama teases out the theme of the service with youth-friendly language and characters. The theme is further unpacked by artistic creations of young people, including poetry, ballet, gymnastics, vocal and instrumental solos, and fine art pieces created as the service progresses.

Here are some further mechanics to note if you’re planning on coming:

  • People start arriving 30 minutes before the service to reunite with old friends and to play Wii on the large screen.
  • There is no charge, but an offering is taken up to offset the costs of the service.
  • The service usually ends at 8:45 or shortly thereafter.
  • Pop and chips are served downstairs after the service. People linger up to an hour after the service to eat junk food and chat with friends.

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